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Dr. Doom – 2009 to Be `Catastrophic’ for Global Economy

admin | December 23, 2008

Link to Dr.Doom interview
I have observed Dr. Doom ( since 2003. I believe he is a Swiss national living in Hong-Kong. Always very serious and very extreme. IMHO, Dr. Doom is an old school economist (a very good one) who sees the economists running the show (e.g. Green …, Trischet, Bernanke, King, …) doing [...]

Outlooks for 2009

admin | December 17, 2008

Few observations and thoughts from reading:
- Goldman Sachs December 11, 2008 Commodities 2009 Outlook: Pricing Supply destruction. (GS)
- Societe Generale Cross Asset Research December 08 2008 Commodities Review. (SG)
Whoever has paid the hefty price for the subscription to these marvels of modern financial forecasting can read the original. I have no authority to distribute this [...]