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Watch out for your “friends”

“God help me with my friends, I can deal with my enemies myself.” Sounds familiar? While Americans generally have not considered government their friend, for most so far, it has not been an enemy either. Well’ perhaps this is the “change” we voted for! A journalist of a generally liberal newspaper has it much more succinctly that I can – he plain and simple does not care about us, only cares about his socialist agenda and now in position of power uses the current crisis just to “shove it down our throat”.

We can not do much more than express our opposition to our elected senators and members of congress regarding all the enormous spending initiatives coming rapidly down the pipe. In addition there are also proposed bills that directly destroy our life. Not all of them come from the president’s office. There are likeminded members of congress as well. Here’s is just one of the first ones If you haven’t, act on it and spread the word. There aren’t many of us, so we need to get all voices in. Watch out for the next and spread the word.

From 42 of my life years under socialism I have pretty good understanding what this “change” is going to mean to us some years from now. If you want to know, look south. There are plenty going on in Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua and you get a preview of changes coming to your backyard. If you think that this is so un-American, it will never happen here, think again. There are many people in America who like to be “taken care of”. Guaranteed employment, health care and education – what’s not to like. People without ambitions will support this change. Probe around, you’ll see.

Happy trading and always watch out!

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