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Dumb or Dumber. Current State of the Economy

They do pull out all stops to make us believe the worst is over. Latest from Peter Orszag Obama’s budget director “Economy almost bottomed out”
Does this chart look to you as the economy has bottomed out?
Orzag’s, Bernanke’s, Geithner’s, … etc recent statements raise a different question: are they really dumb … or they think we are? They sure have access to the same data we do most likely some time before us. To make certain we have our “ducks lined up” let’s look some other charts, preferable compiled by other institutions. Alright, in our consumption heavy economy retail sales should give heads up on what to expect the companies to produce, right?
Does it look like it has almost bottomed out?

How about consumer sentiment?
Looks pretty much where it was 1980. If you are old enough to remember the miserable state of US economy then you’d probably know where we actually are.

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Dumb or dumber?

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