Market Reflections

Thoughts, ideas and musings on current state and evolution of financial markets


The purpose of this banyantree branch is to help small investors/traders like myself recognize new opportunities, misleading information, disguised advertisements, market abuse and “sleeping regulators”.

My interest in financial markets stems from the simple realization that money is no longer in banks, but in markets. More importantly, one does not have to resort to illegal acts and violence to make money. Hence I have been trading markets for about 20 years now.

Over this time I have observed many changes. Change always creates new opportunities, therefore change is good. Yet, if one does not recognize them in time then the change may hurt rather than benefit. To clarify my point:

- Like the society and economy the markets change all the time. Trading strategies that worked a year ago no longer do.

- Reporters of mainstream financial publication are less and less informed on actual cause and effect of market moves.

- Markets respond more and more to indirect advertisement (dubbed analysis) from renowned institutions rather than their own research on market fundamentals.

- Huge amounts of new money (all kinds of funds) are now dabbling in small commodity markets and behaving like “elephants in a crystal shop”.

- Regulators are more and more frequently overlooking the market abuse by “big money”.

I’ll back up each of these observations with specific examples if anyone is interested. Just ask.

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